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Latvia: grammar nazi in action.

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12/12/2013 6:27:41 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hey! Typing from Jelgava, Latvia. 20 years already I've spent here working in one of local general educational schools, teaching kids Latvian language. Not long ago I started holding private lessons at my place for poorly performing schoolchild and students. Well, to make this long story short I'm passing straight to the thing that initially made me to appear here and to write this post. One of the pupils attending my lessons... he is 21 now, he came to Latvia with his parent when he was 6 and actually got absolutely no problems in Latvian. The strange thing is that he has 3 times already tried his exam in Latvian language to receive (confirm?) citizenship but has failed all three. That was indeed very strange news for me as during my lessons the boy has been demonstrating good knowledge and got from my point absolutely no significant troubles. The problem, as it has already come into the light, is the young man's nationality.... He and his parents are naturalized Europeans, wearing.... speaking Jewish family name. Yes, the minute I got to know about it I felt (and honestly speaking still do it) deepest and sharpest shame for my country ever. Got now no even a thought of how would I say it to this boy and his parents that I'm helpless in issue, as unfortunately we live in times and live in a country, where a man can be easily restricted in rights just because of his national identity...