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Who brainwashes Europeans

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12/13/2013 6:50:14 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Food for thought. Look what you and your children read and watch every day and tell yourself where is all that multi-kulti sh*t comes from.
And Swedish falling to Moslem hell was started in 1964 when modest Polish Jew David Schwarz wrote the article "The immigration problem in Sweden" in Jewish-owned Dagens Nyheter (Swedish Daily News).
When I was a little boy I was taught that all people equal, no matter of skin color or religion. Now I see Moslem barbarians ruining my native country. And I see the rabbi in the next street synagogue. Those very Moslem bandits line up to him for performing circumcision of their numerous children. And he says nobody nay. At the same time other Jews in our district weep tears of blood because of those very Moslems. However if rabbi would let those Islamic bandits go whistle, they might move some other place. Because there is no other specialists performing professional circumcision here. But rabbi doesn't bother about anyone. And that is common attitude to others among Jews. So no pity to them. They are most anti-Semites than any of local desperate nationalists.
Jews in Europe cooked their own goose. And it was mostly silly to let them to cook ours one.