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Proposal: LFAAR Alliance

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1/14/2014 5:28:03 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
League of Formerly American Affiliated Republics(LFAAR)

I have a great Idea. What if we rounded up all the nations who we formerly occupied, and start a alliance. This alliance would not require much. Just free trade and economic and political cooperation between all members. No military involved. This will mainly be a outlet for peace, cultural understanding, and sweet sport events to rival the commonwealth games. Nations eligible for membership must have been occupied by the US for 3 years and have adopted our culture in ways. There may be some possible exceptions for countries like Liberia, which was founded by US slaves. Each country will have a say on who's to represent them. Each country will only have 1 vote for any changes (which this is mostly a economic and political cooperation league),which will require a 2/3rd majority to pass. If any one thinks this is a bad idea please debate me or otherwise comment your thoughts. In the games(which are the main reason for the alliance), larger nations will have a limit on how many they can qualify as to not overshadow smaller nations. To promote cultural diffusion, games of all members cultures will be present.

Possible Candidates ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Most Likely
Puerto Rico.
Virgin Islands.
South Korea.
American Samoa.
Northern Mariana Islands.
Virgin Islands.
Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands.
Dominican Rebuplic.


If theres any I missed you can add them
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