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Salon Article on Right-Wing Hypocrisy

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2/26/2014 12:18:54 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
-- Anyone who responds to "get a job" with "sign this jobs bill" doesn't get it. The point is to be productive, not enforce subsidized busy work. A "jobs bill" is just a less efficient version of welfare.

-- What they see as hypocrisy on the heading "2" is a misidentification of two different groups they both label as right wing. They explicitly use the word "libertarian" to describe a group of people who support things anathema to libertarianism. Not self-identified libertarians, a vague group without identification of its membership. This is most likely dishonesty, such a degree of stupidity is usually going to disqualify you for a writing job with a mainstream media outlet.

--Identifying percentage shares is radically different from identifying whether a particular group is gaining or losing absolute purchasing power.

--Failure to doubletax is not a tax expenditure. Many tax credits are this, although many are genuine pork.

--If you can't see why betting on failures to fail should be rewarded, you ought have no impact on economic decisionmaking.
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2/28/2014 3:26:05 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 2/27/2014 10:08:17 PM, BigDave80 wrote:
What kind of fact free left wing circle jerk did I just read?

It was heavily cited. You can call it left-wing, but it's difficult to deny the validity of it.

But by all means, please post the problems that you have with it, sourcing the things you see as factually incorrect. I genuinely wanted this article to spark a discussion, so I'm not too interested in defending it, but only to see rebuttals.
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2/28/2014 5:09:22 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
You can't judge an argument based on the quantity of sources. If an argument makes empirical claims, then sources are needed. If not, none are necessary.

But, I will respond to each point here:

1. Poor People Just Need to Get a Job. But there are No Jobs.

The guy who writes this article doesn't make sense here. Throwing taxpayer dollars at random programs doesn't actually create jobs.

Republicans actually are more pro jobs than democrats because they don't propose things that will reduce employment like minimum wage, employer mandates, and extended unemployment insurance. Democrats propose job killing policies like that.

You may disagree that Republican polices will create jobs, but that is a fundamental disagreement... not hypocrisy.

2. Government is the Problem. Unless the Rich Need a Subsidy.

This is bad. First, the guy who writes the article totally botched the libertarian label. In fact, libertarians oppose the drug war and foreign wars. Indeed, these are central libertarian ideas.

Amazingly, the guy who writes this article says libertarians support the drug war. That is so stupid a response is not dignified.

And, for good measure, free marketers don't support "giveaways" to the rich. That includes oil subsidies... which i and all libertarians i know oppose.

3. "The Free Market System Distributes the Fruits of Economic Progress Among All People"

This is absolutely true. Free enterprise systems lead to higher growth that benefits all rungs of society.

4. Entitlements Must Be Cut. Except for the Entitlements Owned by the Rich.

I support ending all entitlements, as do most libertarians and conservatives. But, social security and medicare are simply much bigger, and thus need to be cut.

5. The Super-Rich are the Most Productive Americans " They Earn Everything They Make

Ya. this guy just shows his economic illiteracy here. People who have highly demanded skills and take risks make a lot of money... and they should.