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On Puerto Rico's Political Parties

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4/9/2014 10:31:38 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I'm creating this forum topic to discuss the future of Puerto Rico. Here, I'm going to give an attempt at summarizing each one individually. There are 6 parties that are registered, beginning with......

New Progressive Party

The New Progressive Party, is one of Puerto Rico's two largest political groups. It is center-right, but aligns itself more with the US democratic party, so I guess we can call them centrists.

Political Platform: The PNP's most known for advocating statehood. They are big on progressive politics. I can't find their platform, but its mostly socially aligned with the democrats and economically aligned with the republicans.

Seats in Senate: 8/25

Seats in the House: 23/51

Municipality Seats: 31/78

Non-Voting House of Rep. Member: 1

My Thoughts: My main problem with this party, is that they are alienating the population. The majority of Puerto Rican's are democrats, but also a majority is pro statehood. Which means, citizens have to decide between a pro statehood party or a pro democrat party. It causes a deep division.

Popular Democratic Party

The popular democratic party is the commonwealths second largest party. They are considered to be either centrist or center left. The main goal of the party is to maintain the status quo. Again, this party does not differentiate itself much from the PNP.

Political Platform: I don't think this party even has a public platform, so I just looked around the internet. Pretty much anything the democratic party supports.

Senate: 18/27

House: 28/51

Municipality Seats: 47/78

My Thoughts: It seems this party suffers from the same issues as the PNP. I reason that it has more as the number of democrats outweigh the number of pro state citizens.

Puerto Rican Independence Party

This is of course the third party in the triumvirate. This party of course supports independence. What I find interesting, is that the FBI actually ran ops to destroy support for this party. I'm not sure why, but I guess it has something to do with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Anyways, they are a socialist democratic party.

Political Platform: Their party platform is pretty wild. I think their unpopularity stems from their constant bashing of the US. They call us colonial imperialists and that they are nothing more then a vassal. It reminds me of the royalist tea party of america.

Seats in Senate: 1/25 (I'm confused because the number surpassed 25. Explanation?)

My Thoughts: Not a big fan of this party. If they came to power, they would probably transform the country into a totalitarian regime. Maybe I'm over reacting, but who knows. Anyways, don't put information into the site, as it got hit with the SSL heartbleed bug.

Puerto Rican's for Puerto Rico Party

This is the last one I'll do. They are essentially the green party of Puerto Rico. They work to inspire social, environmental, and cultural change. Like the green party though, they are very selective about what issues to be vocal on, which is why they will likely never get any serious non-local power.

My thoughts: People should support this party locally, but not on any large scale level. As you might of noticed, these parties are mini's of the main US parties, with few differentiation.

The real reason I made this article is to raise awareness for the HR2000. It is the current bill of the PNP, and will essentially make them a member of the Union.

People should really consider supporting this bill. It will allow us to collect a federal income tax, and give Puerto Rican's more rights granted to statehood.

The biggest motivator for supporting the HR2000 though, is it will close the loopholes that the islanders use to get around the law. They are considered US citizens, but use the commonwealth status to get some privileges that aren't granted to mainlanders.

The only real complain I've seen is that it will tip the republican control of the senate to the democrats. Don't deny the bill because of this. They should not be denied statehood due to political preference....

Hr2000 bill

PNP proposed 51 star flag
Leader of the DDO Revolution Party