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My view on some political issues

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5/2/2014 11:25:42 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
If you want to tackle certain issues feel free, just be nice about it.

FIRST ISSUE, Gay Marriage: Legalize it.
People will say that legalizing it will force them to change their beliefs, but how? Legalizing gay marriage does not mean that straight marriage is no longer alright, it is just means that gays can now marry.

Some will say that it is immoral, but morals are subjective. It might be immoral to you, but that does not mean it is immoral to them. Morality is a horrible thing to base laws off of anyways since morals can, and usually are, different between people. That is why we need to use ETHICS for laws instead of morals, but, more importantly than that, we also need to make laws based off of evidence and facts.

Some will say that homosexuality is not natural, but that is not true.
The definition of natural -"existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind."
To show that homosexuality is actually natural I will use sources and explain them:

1. Many animals practice homosexuality, it is found in nature. One of our closest cousin species, the Dwarven Chimpanzee, is almost completely bisexual.

2. Brain scans show a different brain structure between homosexuals and heterosexuals. "The scans reveal that in gay people, key structures of the brain governing emotion, mood, anxiety and aggressiveness resemble those in straight people of the opposite sex" [A]. This shows that the brain structure itself is different between homosexuals and heterosexuals. This shows that homosexuality is NOT a choice, that you are born that way.

3. The digit theory shows that development between heterosexuals and homosexuals in the womb are even different. It show that straight men and lesbians were exposed to higher testosterone in the womb than straight women and gay men. "We report that (a) 2D:4D was lower in a sample of 88 homosexual men than in 88 sex- and age-matched controls recruited without regard to sexual orientation, (b) within the homosexual sample, there was a significant positive relationship between mean 2D:4D ratio and exclusive homosexuality" [A]. This shows, again, that homosexuality is not a choice, that it is a result of how someone developed in the womb.


4. Epi-genetics actually explains homosexuality. "The classical view of sexually dimorphic development (A) is that higher androgen levels in XY fetuses and adults masculinize sexually dimorphic traits and lower androgen levels in XX fetuses and high estrogen in adults feminizes development. Our analysis (B) indicates that androgen signaling includes an additional component: it is canalized by epi-marks that are produced during the embryonic stem cell stage of development" [A]. This means, once again, that homosexuality is NOT a choice.

5. Sadly, I do not have a link for this one, but it should be REALLY obvious. Some people will say that so-and-so went from being gay to straight. Is this really the case? Think about it, if someone is born bisexual they can APPEAR to have a choice in the matter, but, in reality, they are just changing preferences. I will break it down this way: think about a heterosexual. They cannot choose to be attracted to the same gender, but what if they change their preference away from the opposite gender? They appear to be asexual. Let's say that a homosexual changes their preference away from the same gender, they appear to be asexual. Now, what about a bisexual? If a bisexual changes preference away from the opposite gender they appear to be homosexual. What if, instead, they changed their preference away from the same gender? They appear to be heterosexual. If they change their preference away from both they will then appear to be asexual.

So, if we look at evidence it appears that people are actually BORN gay. If people are born gay they have just as much control over it as someone being born white or blonde. Under these circumstances it would be ETHICALLY wrong to say that they cannot marry while allowing heterosexuals to marry. This does NOT mean that pastors, rabbis, etc. have to perform the marriage, it just means that homosexuals can get legally married. It does NOT mean that heterosexual marriage will go away. It also does NOT mean that people will be able to marry animals or adults marrying kids (as and FYI, brain scans show that beastiality and pedophilia are not a natural sexual orientation). It only means that those that are homosexuals, which is natural, can marry.

SECOND ISSUE, Abortion: legalize it until 30 weeks
This is an iffier topic to talk about, and ethics are not even clear on the issue, HOWEVER, an abortion only affects the family getting the abortion, more specifically the man and woman that caused the pregnancy. It does not affect anyone else.

So, why should it be legalized? Well, there are two main views about a fetus, ONE is that it is part of the woman"s body, TWO is that it is a separate thing from the woman:

1. If the fetus is part of the woman"s body then she has the right to remove it. People have the right to do to their body what they will (get tattoos, piercings, castration, etc.), so then a woman would have the right to abort the baby. To say that she does not (in this viewpoint) is to say that she does not have a right to do what she wants to her body.

2. If the fetus is a separate thing from the body the woman has the right to remove it. If she does not want it there and it is separate from her then it is invading her body and is, by definition, a parasite. To say she does not have the right to remove it is to say that someone/something else has the rights to her body. That is, in a way, a form of slavery.

Now, why do I think that it should only be legalized for the first 30 weeks? Because of the development of sentience. At 30 weeks a fetus can be said to be sentient. That is about 7 months, and if you were going to get an abortion you would have had quite a few months to get one. At 30 weeks the fetus is sentient, and I believe that it is then wrong to get an abortion.

That is about 7 months, and if you were going to get an abortion you would have had quite a few months to get one. At 30 weeks the fetus is sentient, and I believe that it is then wrong to get an abortion.


These are the main 2 issues I wish to discuss. I might talk about other issues later.

Remember, if you wish to discuss some of these go ahead, just please try and be polite about it.