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Public figure and privacy.

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6/28/2014 5:09:56 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Public figures have no right of privacy, that's what I believe anyway or otherwise how do we suppose to make sure that our tax has been used in a way that it's supposed to be.

But how mush publicity do they suppose to make themselves so? In some country, digging in to some personal life of these people in the public sectors with hostile intention is illegal, while sound decent enough I don't feel like such practice is fair.

If you're to hire a new CEO and you don't trust someone because of his, let's say disloyalty in marriage life - I have the right to do so. After all management is not always logical, there will always a great deal of personal intuition involved to make the right decision. And so if some journalist felt that certain aspect of the politicians sound questionable, at least to him (the journalist) - he should be able to make the quest against him/her regardless isn't it?

Or what do you think?