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Sloviansk Falls

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7/5/2014 2:23:13 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Just came in the news. Sloviansk city, the strongest and most fortified base controlled by Novorossiya , or specifically, the Dunbass People's Militia, has fallen to the Ukranian people. Government forces are likely going to capture and secure Luthansk and Donetsk within the next couple weeks, pending how many more Don Cossack's and Russian Volunteers can be thrown across the border. With the release of the remaining OSCE monitors, and winding down of violence taking place over the past year, accumulating about 1800 deaths and 110,000 refugees. Something tells me the fued with Russia wont be ending as quick as Ukraine's civil war. We have nearly 30 Russian agents, and about 5 international reports condemning Russia.

The question that we need to ask, is if Crimea will remain in Russian hands by the end of Poroshenko's presidency?
How about NO elections?