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Commentary on two 60 Minutes Stories...

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7/13/2014 11:05:27 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This posting is a commentary about two 60 Minutes News Stories...

News Story #1: (F-35 Joiint Strike Fighter)

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the Pentagon's newest warplane and its most expensive weapons system ever, nearly $400 billion to buy 2,400 aircraft. To put that in perspective -- that's about twice as much as it cost to put a man on the moon. This, at a time when cuts in defense spending are forcing the Pentagon to shrink the size of the military.
As we reported in February, the Air Force, Navy and Marines are all counting on the F-35 to replace the war planes they're flying today. If it performs as advertised, the F-35 will enable U.S. pilots to control the skies in any future conflict against the likes of China or Russia. But the F-35 has not performed as advertised. It's seven years behind schedule and $163 billion over budget, or as the man in charge of the F-35 told us, "basically the program ran itself off the rails."

News Story #2: (Our Nuclear Silos)

Chaz Demerath: Ma'am, I mean to ask all of you to remove all yourselves from the capsule at this point.
Lesley Stahl: So is there anything wrong?
Chaz Demerath: Nothing wrong at this point.
We were politely asked to leave at least eight times -- so they could decode messages or deal with other classified information.
Lesley Stahl: OK, I'm back.
The officers may be young...
Chaz Demerath: If you can imagine that as being your computer...
But the equipment is ancient. This, for example, is one of the computers that would receive a launch order from the president. It uses floppy disks! The really old, big ones.
Eric Schlosser: There was a real effort throughout the Cold War to deny that there was any possibility that a nuclear weapon could detonate by accident.
Today's Minuteman 3 missiles use rocket fuel that's more stable and less likely to explode. And they've upgraded some key components too, like the guidance systems that direct the missiles toward their target.
Eric Schlosser: The nuclear weapons themselves, the warhead, the bombs, are much safer than they were 30 years ago. There's no question about that. But the infrastructure, the equipment what carries those weapons...
Lesley Stahl: The Minuteman itself goes back--
Eric Schlosser:: To the Nixon administration.
Lesley Stahl: The Nixon administration.
Eric Schlosser: Look at it this way. If you got a beautiful sports car from the 1960s, it would drive really fast and it would be fun to drive, but a modern car is gonna have so many more safety mechanisms that are so much more sophisticated. And the architecture, the command and control architecture is complicated and aging.
Lesley Stahl: How would you evaluate the risk of an accident happening, a human error kind of thing?
Jack Weistein: The probability is as close to zero as you can get--

Jikpamu: I"ve heard many things about the F-35 and its problems. They are impossible to confirm without a Top Secret, probably compartmentalized security clearance, but here is one of them: The F-35 cannot fly above 22,000 Feet because of a problem with the oxygen mask of which the work has been subcontracted out to China or a Chinese-based company (heard that from Steve Quayle and V: The Guerilla Economist: and Whether this is true or not it highlights a point in light of the "Small World" we live in today:

1) In light of the spying on Americans scandal by the NSA,
2) the proliferation of commercial spyware (I bet, no " I know members of Congress even have spyware on their computers through no fault of their own just like everyone else does who is on this email including myself),
3) outsourcing of our manufacturing to foreign countries like China where labor is cheaper and who like China we are presently facing down as an enemy of ours in the Pacific over Japan and a small group of Islands that belong to our ally Japan,

Why do you think we are having production problems in our Top-Secret F-35 and having to still rely on 40 year old F-15s and F-16s to make up the bulk of our Air Force Fighter Jets?

I"m not an engineer but I imagine it"s very difficult to detect firmware-embedded foreign government sponsored spyware hard coded into the electronics of our weapons (Firmware) not made exclusively in America beginning with mining the raw materials in America through the finality of production and manufacturing of all parts necessary to build a weapon from start to finish using only American Citizens in America to do it at American Factories through companies and corporations under exclusive ownership of by American Citizens who reside in America. If anyone suggests that we are not outsourcing even 10% of the work to where labor is cheaper in other countries like China I myself would be highly skeptical.

Using logic it would dictate in our government where we run $1.7 Trillion deficits each year (that we know about), where money is really no object, then why have we not upgraded the Nuclear Silos even earlier?

The Answer: the same reason the F-35 is having problems and the same reason you all like myself have spyware on our computer. Older generation computerized electronics did not have these problems and much more of the production from start to finish was done in America at that time. Maybe you are old enough to remember the Original IBM XT/AT Keyboard (from 30 years ago)"you can still buy them today but you will have to shell out at least $150 for one versus a modern USB keyboard for $5. The old keyboards were so heavy made of durable plastic and even had iron in them.

In light of this statement by Eric Schlosser to 60 Minutes:

Eric Schlosser: Today's Minuteman 3 missiles" they've upgraded some key components" guidance systems that direct the missiles toward their target"

Jikpamu: Do you really feel comfortable contemplating the idea that some of our Minuteman 3 upgraded guidance systems could have foreign government embedded spyware in them?

Now you all can ignore me like you usually do but you don"t have needed to have taken Logic 101 in College to see that: "Houston, we have a problem here""

I, Jikpamu, have a B.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems and have worked at the VA Medical Center in San Diego in IT (ITS) for almost 10 years prior to me leaving on my own accord in April of 2008.

P.S. God Bless and I hope someone listens"and acts"
Jikpamu: Conservative "Libertarian" Born-Again Bible-Believing Christian
I am against homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion (particularly abortion).
I am for anything Jesus and the Bible : )