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Active Shooter Events 2000-2012 Interesting

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8/11/2014 8:49:46 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Not really, it acknowledges the data of 2013 but leaves it out of the charts (probably because it doesn't fit the narrative, since there was a significant drop that year, best to finish with a record year). It is also funny that the trend line they applied would suggest that before 2000 we never had a single mass shooting. They acknowledge that it may be due to more available reporting thanks to the internet, but that's like saying "my numbers may be skewed in my favor, but let's go ahead anyway."

Something fun that they left out, would be how many people were within the shooting events, not just victims. When applied to colleges, malls, and where evers, how many tens of thousands if not more? How many already had guns and didn't use them? The mall shooting that we had in Oregon not too long ago had armed citizens, all who ran and hid.

We are already one of the most armed nations in the first world. That clearly is not resolving the issues.
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