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Ukraine is going to Europe

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8/12/2014 9:28:26 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Ukraine is going to Europe

Hungary is already full of refugees from Ukraine. Most of them are from Central and Western Ukraine. There is entire army of healthy beefy young men from Ukraine in Budapest and nearby villages. I came there on business from France and had to wait in line with such families in Passport and Visas Service. They are so impudent and noisy with their numerous kids and back-slapping men. Seems that all the world has to speak Ukrainian. And when they knew I'm French they were glad as if I were their rich uncle being at death's door. They yelled "France! We all go France! Where you live?"
Yuck! Those people reminded our Muslimas. They abandoned their mother country in the most badly situation. Their adult sons are running from discharging their civic duty in Ukrainian Army. All of them are looking forward to freebies and doles Europe MUST grant them.
And as far as I know this is just the beginning of Ukrainian mass exodus into Europe. Inet is full of Ukrainians discontent with rising prices, with power cuts, with lack of gas, with general levy... and just discontent. And for some reason all of them are sure that Europe owes them something.
I guess where they will run when winter comes. Europe would be occupied by Ukrainians if the half of those complaining persons is real.