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Wait no truth from European media about Ukrai

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8/21/2014 8:42:14 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Wait no truth from European media about Ukraine...

Cheers for Prague, where 4 years ago me graduated the Charles University, ICSJ (communication and journalism) and became a writing journalist. Since then it took me 4 years and 1 trip to Ukraine to make it for sure how does exactly here, in Europe, the freedom of speech and ethics among journalists "work". Particularly about Kiev - I spent there a week recently, but that was eventful: I saw the final clean up of the square of Independence in Kiev, talked to dozens Kiev residents from both sides of barricades and gathered a lot of all other worth to be mentioned stuff in my reports. Last Thursday I came back to Prague and the same day sent my texts to the editorial office, where it took them three days to send my papers back with 'remarks'. And you know... word "remark" this time appears indeed to be weak here...., as practically they want me to throw out a third part of the work being made by me in Ukraine. Particularly there was from my point making a proper sense interview with one of the rioters saying why, for what reasons and under which conditions people been not leaving the "maidan". And that's actually not even a half of the issues they want me now to erase. For instance they do not want me to report that there was serious fire in the square during its clean up..., that dozens people been injured and that those who attacked the riot camp have been wearing masks and for sure been well prepared to commit the attack... It took me a week to made that truthful report for them about the final crackdown of maidan in Kiev... but instead what they want indeed is just to use my name to say people in Czech Republic that there was allegedly no fight on August, 9 in the very center of Kiev... that allegedly maidan rioters themselves dismantled the barricades... NOT TRUE! Feel now real shame for the profession!