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What would you do if you"re Syria.

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9/27/2014 2:43:22 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
So the US had just decided to further bomb ISIS target in Syria " regardless of the Syrian government permission to enter their air space. Concern is raised about whether the USAF and Navy will use this opportunity to attack Syria government military installation to assist the Free Syrian Army struggle against authoritarian Syria Government regime.

Purely just for fun sake (and possibly also for my MA assignment), I have been thinking about what should I do? What could I do? If I am the Syrian Regime, to counter this moves by the US government.

Interestingly, I got this solution just about a week before the actual bombing took place a few days ago. If I am the Assad Regime, I would issue an official invitation for the US to bomb ISIS target within Syria and regardless of the US response " my military will stand down in face of US air power.

There are two things I am expected from this campaign. First, the US has been careful not to work together with Assad Regime even when faced with common enemies " by issue unilateral invitation to the US government, the Obama administration will be forced to at least look like they are working with the Syrian Government agenda regardless of their actions. Bomb the Syria, and they"re helping Assad fighting ISIS (not actually threaten him " as what they are looked now), don"t bomb the Syria and they are taken sideline on the course of Free Syrian Army.

Now of course, the obvious respond that the US could make is to simply claim that they have refused Assad"s invitation, and they are conducting this campaign for the sake of Free Syrian Army. However, they can"t deny the fact that it is the Syrian Government who allows the use of their air space, by order his military to stand down in the face of US no matter what. Even if they (ObamaAdm) don"t want to, they have received some favour from Assad regime and that will both tainted their reputation with the Free Syrian Army and open the chance of negotiation with the Assad Regime. Besides, the US government needs a reason to tell the public, and especially their voter for going to war with Syria. Offering the formal invitation will prevent the level hostility the US needs to achieve make those reason.

As I said, from the beginning, purely for fun sake, What do you think?