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Why Americans are awesome

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10/3/2014 3:30:53 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Could you imagine what would happen if the US Government attempted to completely repeal the Bill of Rights and enact a new, more limited one?

There would be outrage, there would be uproar, people would not stand for it. Hell, I see Americans get angry enough just over the Second Amendment. There is no question, rights are rights, and an attempt to remove the Bill of Rights/Constitution would never be supported.

Now we get to the United Kingdom where we have the opposite of that! The Conservative government have announced that, if re-elected, they will repeal that Human Rights Act 1998 which enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law. The idea behind this is effectively to have a more hard line on criminals and to stop foreign people taking advantage of the HRA1998.

Never the less, people seem to be blind to the fact that this will ultimately mean that international law, specifically designed to prevent atrocities that occurred in World War 2, will be repealed and no longer have any power over the UK. The hypocritical thing about it is that the European Convention on Human Rights was actually largely written by British lawyers and was ratified first, in Britain. And now the very same country wants to repeal our rights.

The worst thing is, that this is generally supported by a large proportion of the UK population. Every good aspect of the Human Rights Act, or essentially, the convention rights of the Council of Europe, is ignored. Simply because (A) Europe tells us prisoners must be allowed to vote and (B) One terror suspect was unable to be deported for many years, but eventually was. No one ever pays attention to all the good that these rights do. And they cover things like the right to life, freedom for torture, freedom from slavery, no punishment without the law, the right to liberty, the right to a private life, and crucially, freedom of speech.

The negativity that surrounds the Human Rights Act 1998 is largely due to the very anti-Europe (be it about the Council of Europe or the EU) British media. Even the newspapers support taking away the rights of UK citizens.

Also the fact that, this will happen if the Conservatives are re-elected, almost like an election promise. "Vote for us and we will take away your rights". Of course, I understand that the government wishes to either use the convention as an advisory body (in other words, merely ignore it when it does not suit the government), or if that is not accepted, withdraw completely from the convention and draw up a new Bill of Rights... Yet somehow I am not hugely confident that this government even has the capability to do that when it is taking away our rights in the first place because it perceives them to effectively grant too much freedom..

And this is what I mean, somehow... I could just never see Americans supporting the repeal of the US Bill of Rights. But hey... welcome to the United Kingdom, the country where the population and its media support stripping away out own rights. Well done America, I am glad that you do not support taking away your own rights, I am very sad that my own country does not share this attitude.
"I am not intolerant of religion, I am intolerant of intolerance"
"True freedom is not simply left or right. It is the ability to know when a law is needed, but more importantly, know when one is not"