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President Poroshenko is scary of his own army

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10/16/2014 7:41:47 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
President Poroshenko is scary of his own army! Previously our military were guarding him and now they say that some special guards trained in USA or Georgia came to replace them!
No wonder at all! I can't know for sure but I know perfectly well that Poroshenko doesn't trust the Ukrainian army much. It's clear for us. The military hate him in open course he has no military strategic thinking and can't take even primitive care of the army.
I myself felt Poroshenko's "fartherly" love when before the military operation in Domnbas I was equipped with the "new" bulletproof jacket and in the first fighting I was wounded by the bullet which broke that jacket! Thanks god I was taken hospital not to the cemetery like many others.....
Our president and his team of thieves are good in stuffing their piockets with the money meant for military equipment, uniform and foodstuffs! Poiroishenko is unable to maintain his own army and I suspect he doesn't fuckin care!