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False accusations of rape and DV

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12/6/2014 2:56:01 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
It is disgusting to me that public opinion can be so outspoken as soon as an accusation is made (typically against a man) but if the accused turns out to be innocent, most of these same voices ignore it.

Exhibit A: the case of Dante Cunningham. Cunningham is an NBA player who was accused of DV by his ex girlfriend. This resulted in charges being brought up, and he lost his job as an NBA player. After the district attorney dropped the charges because of inconsistencies in the ex's story, Cunningham still couldn't find a team that was willing to sign him, no doubt due to the fear of stigma from the Ray Rice case. The DA even said that he thought Cunningham was innocent and that he hoped the dropped charges wouldn't hinder his pro ball career. But it still took Cunningham about half a year to find a team willing to sign him. When Cunningham wanted his ex brought up on charges for lying to get him convicted, the DA's refused because he feared the message that would send to DV victims. How is that fair at all? Moreover, this story has gotten almost no media attention despite the fact that an athlete was essentially black listed from his profession for half a year because his ex made some BS up.

Exhibit B: the Rolling Stone case. Rolling Stone publishes an article accusing a fraternity of rape, doesn't contact any of the accused members, and then publishes an apology when it turns out the girls story doesn't match the facts. But all the media response is focused on how this hurts the credibility of future rape victims, instead of the real damage to the reputations of the wrongly accused. How on earth did the magazine think it was ok to publish what basically amounted to a slanderous hit piece without even contacting the accused? That's ridiculous, and it's a product of the "rape culture" culture. Rape is a terrible crime, and is probably under reported and under punished. But the solution is not to go on witch hunts every time a woman cries wolf, with no regards to the rights of the accused. Our justice system is built upon the notion that it is better for 100 guilty men to go free before condemning one innocent man. Apparently according to feminists, this doesn't apply if it is a male on female crime.

Side note: As far as domestic violence goes, feminists need to pick which way they want it. Either men and women are perfectly equal in every sense, or they are not. Where was the outrage when Beyonces sister attacked JZ in an elevator? Just because she isn't strong enough to knock him out doesn't mean that isn't domestic violence. If we as a society want to demonize ray rice then we need to demonize solange knowles equally.