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My vote for the Election.

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12/11/2014 10:14:35 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I put this in this forum because this forum is Politics, and no one wants more Politics on the main forum.

After considerable review, I've concluded who my vote will go to. However, I'm not above bias, so I feel the only way to go about this is a lengthy comparison of both sides.

The first thing I notice about both candidates is is their idea for a system of people who'll act like catchers for issues before they get big. This gets trickier when you look into it... Both parties seem to have their own, but in fact, the Peace Keepers is bi-partisan. Blade ends up with 2 programs compared to Mikal, but 2 programs isn't necessarily better... But it's not that simple. Ultimately what this comes down to is Mikal's willingness to admit it's not his program when he could have claimed it for himself for votes. His administration has aimed to ensure people knew this was Unit's idea, and that Blade was able to use it also. This trait stands out a lot in the Debate. So while the programs don't give anyone any specific benefit, the debate around them does.

What really stood out here is character. Both sides' character, that is. While Mikal may have quite the number of threads, a bit many to be honest... It's not really a sin. I don't hold that against him, why should I? What stood out above all other traits was Bench accusing Blade of some serious charges. The issue was rightly contested, as it should have been. What I noted was Mikal's reaction. He didn't watch Blade fight off an armada of enemies as his popularity grew... No. He stepped in and defended Blade. That is character I can stand with, without question. I feel as though Mikal showed his best at a time when his worst would have been the most politically beneficial.

The next issue I noticed was Mikal's history with events. Blade has ran some good events in the past, but Mikal has revolutionized many. He was a key component in popularizing the G+ side of games, like Mafia. He helped bring in a massive advancement in how DDO plays and does events. Having events are great, having innovative events are better.

I do note Blade's experience with Juggle and Airmax to be influential here. Blade has done a lot with Max, and is on working terms with Juggle. This gives him a great deal of strength to his campaign, and allows him some bragging. I'd say this was perhaps his best point. The only reason this point isn't as good as it should be, however, is that a relationship with Juggle only works if Juggle cares. So while this relationship might help, I'm looking for things that work here and now.


All of this said, I must put my vote with Mikal. He ultimately captures the character and here-and-now perspective I can stand behind.
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