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The Federal Tax Thread - AMA*

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1/4/2015 8:22:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Want to ask advice over the internet for help with taxes?*
Want me to defend an IRS policy? (I most likely can)
Have a general tax question?
Are you a non-citizen or a minor and just curious about things?

Feel free to ask away here.

Or, just want to complain about taxes in general?
State your actual income tax rate?
Or feel like yelling about the progressive tax system?

You can do that here, too.

All things taxes!!!!

*All advice given is taken 100% at your own risk. All advice is based upon current understandings of the law, the details provided, and apply to federal taxes only, not local or state. Tax laws change constantly and tax situations can be unique, so this advice is taken at your own risk, as withheld/unknown factors may change the advice or the law is outdated by the time the advice is taken.