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Suspicious protest of discriminatio

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7/10/2010 7:44:55 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
n in the local paper. I was reading it while waiting for an order a the vietnamese restaurant next door.

"The people in charge of the Everett municipal golf courses, under the direction of the mayor and City Council, are again — for the second year — discriminating against approximately 65 senior citizens.

They are raising the weekday adult green fee 4 percent.

They are raising the senior weekday annual passes fee 10 percent.

They are not raising the junior green fee at all.

This has to be deliberate discrimination. Why don't they leave us alone and let attrition eliminate the annual passes for good?

Everett senior citizens, please help. Vote discriminating city elected officials out of office.

Dennis Finlayson
Everett "

The fees can be found here.

It's rather suspicious that he only complains about the unfairness to the senior citizens. The non-senior adult customers appear to still be getting the worst deal. Perhaps he should amend his complaint to "It's unfair that non-senior adults don't get discriminated against enough relative to seniors." Would be more honest.

Especially considering how the golf courses benefit in a business sense from hooking people on the sport young-- they do not, as far as I can tell, from discriminating in favor of senior citizens. ;P.

Anyone notice any other funny protests by people claiming to be motivated by a "nondiscrimination" principle?
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7/10/2010 8:31:08 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Yo, the white man oppress the minorities. You know, dawg, we is discriminated against every day, and them POE-leese doesn't even let's us axe questions.

im not rascist btw
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