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the Murder of JFK

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3/13/2015 12:19:17 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I won't be at peace with myself until I get this said. The 2 men I think responsible for the death of JFK have never been mentioned together before to my knowledge. With any murder the first things looked for are 1 motive,2 means,3 opportunity. so we'll start with motive. who became the most powerful man in the world with JFK's death? Who hated JFK and his brother and has stated that fact many times? These 2 questions fit 2 very powerful men..One of them is fully able to hide the fact that he was involved in a murder, and able to do so as very few,if anyone, can. When this event took place I was a teenager. My father and i discussed this many times at length,over several years. We recall that 2 weeks prior to the (and I will call it what it was) murder of JFK, Hoover flew to Texas to the Johnson ranch.We thought this very interesting. #2 Means. start with who had JFK's body removed from the hospital in Dallas? Moved to have a seriously botched autopsy done by doctors that had never done an autopsy before,ever! Obviously Hoover. The FBI did the moving. So much information was hidden with this very act. #3 Opportunity. Who else could issue orders that would be followed faithfully with no questions asked? Then cover all this up so cleverly that 50 years later we would still be asking questions we will never get the answers to. The FBI was all over this in a matter of minutes and could cover up,muddy the water like no others could do! There are many more parts of our theory to mention but these will be enough to get you started.. Their names are L. B. Johnson and J Edgar Hoover. Two great pals that would profit more than anyone else to get just what they Both wanted. I hope I've planted the seed that starts you thinking. By the way.. are you aware of the hatred between Hoover and Bobby? Who was about to be fired as head of the FBI? If you want to kill the snake cut off the snake's head.
Bobbie B