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Tearing Down the Elite

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3/19/2015 11:47:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Eh. There's some truth and then there's the rest.

He's spot on about environmental issues, we shouldn't tear down what's necessary to keep this planet in survivable conditions. And the bit about throwing money at cancer cures when medical companies make money off of cancer. I'll buy that. But the rest is kind of bull. Regarding wars, he believes that thought and compassion will solve problems. Try pitching that to ISIS and tell me how it goes. Not all people are rational.Not everyone wants everyone to be happy. The whole part about working your life away and not living is semi-true, I guess, but yet millions of people can still find time to spend with their families and doing hobbies and community-oriented stuff. So this just varies person to person I guess.

The rest is really wordy and just seems to be the same old ignore technology/come together/fight the power/for the people speech. Nothing that hasn't already been said and no new plan to do any of it. It's like these people think words will fix things.

That's about it.