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Democrat attempt to leave their legacy

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4/9/2015 10:04:54 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
The Present Democrat party to leave their legacy long after leaving office.
The Obama democrat party doesn't intend to leave office without leaving progressives in positions where those they get appointed to vitally important positions will be able to shape the laws which all American citizens lives will be effected. Wouldn't it seem logical that when the voters , by having cast their votes, demonstrated that they no longer agreed or wanted the same administration in power that they,as well, didn't agree or want the former political parties policies to remain in effect after that former political,parties administration were removed from office.
But the appointees of the former administration remain in their positions of authority allowing the former political parties ideologies to continue to effect those who voted out the ones who appointed them. Franklin D. Roosevelt infamously attempted to pack the supreme court with his minions and other presidents like Bill Clinton had similar intentions as well "President Bill Clinton's election to a second term all but assures the vivid transformation of the nation's federal courts in both appearance and judicial philosophy by 2000."
If Clinton keeps up his drive for diversity, an estimated quarter of the bench will be occupied by women and 10 percent of judges will be members of racial minorities -- figures that would more than double the representation of these groups since Clinton took office."
With four more years of appointments, Clinton will have more judges on the courts than any of his predecessors "
No political parties sycophants should be left in their positions to dwarf the wills of the American voters and term limits should apply to all politically appointed federal offices, term limits should apply to all remaining officials from the former administration, Do you agree ?