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Final UK Election Predictions

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5/5/2015 11:22:50 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
It is almost May 7, so I wanted to do a final post for what everyone predicts.

My poll:

Anyway, it is to my understanding that this is going to be closest election in British politics. One election project shows a 50% chance of Miliband as PM and the oher 50% goes to Cameron:

I do not think the government will be the same as it was after 2010. If the Conservatives have enough seats, then they can team up with the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and Ireland's DUP for a coalition. Otherwise, Labour's coalition will no doubt require the Scottish National Party, no matter what Miliband thinks. Finally, a grand a coalition between the two largest parties is possible, but doesn't seem desirable for either of them. More likely, a party can rule through a minority government.

If the SNP hadn't surged, I'm pretty sure we would have an edge to Labour and Miliband would have been more likely to be prime minister. That's what makes this election so interesting. There have been surges of political parties like never before. UKIP has become popular among the right, but hurts the Conservatives. The Greens have also increase in popularity, but haven't really surged and I don't believe will make a gain. My final prediction is that, even with the boundary problems because of the no action to change them by the Lib Dems in the coalition, the Conservatives will still be the largest party in the Commons. The Lib Dems, I feel, imploded on themselves and are the biggest losers, but the coalitions will be very interesting to see coming out.
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