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Netanyahu Stops Israel Bus Segregation Law

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5/20/2015 7:45:33 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The Israeli Ministry of Defense approved a law that would force Israelis and Palestinians from sitting together on buses to the West Bank. Hours after Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon approved the law and set it into motion - but in a display of great damage control, Benjamin Netanyahu stopped the plans, which would have taken effect today, mere hours after the law was announced, calling the acceptance of the plan by the Ministry of Defense "unacceptable."

Among Defense Minister Ya'alon's past history was his calling the Palestinian threat a "cancer," asserting that Israel had to go to war with Iran for peace, deliberately straining relations with the US by calling John Kerry an "obsessive messianic" (and subsequently getting Kerry and Joe Biden to refuse talking to him), and then saying it was imperative to not antagonize the US so they would support them in countering "anti-Israel" UN movements, and then publicly stating that once the Obama administration was out of office, he would continue with his West Bank settlement constructions that he has been unable to do during Obama's Presidency.

Perhaps if they had half of a mind, they would force Ya'alon out of his position. I think you'd have to wonder what will be the straw the breaks the camel's back - in his own country or with foreign ones.
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