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Democracy is slaughtered In Egypt

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5/22/2015 7:24:34 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
In Egypt, a coup government (a puppet government) gives the death sentence for legallly elected president;
They have killed many innocent people, for the reason that they were against the coup and they will many more, including real,elected president

Egypt waiting for help!

Where is democracy?
Where are those who say furiously they are for justice?!!!
Where is UN, where is USA, where is EU...?
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7/14/2015 5:40:57 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
There is democracy in Egypt , and one of the symbols of this democracy is the fact that we managed to remove the tyrant extremist rule of the Muslim brotherhood and their puppet morsi . The person who actually ruled during the reign of morsi was the leader of the Muslim brotherhood badie

And people in the west always forget a very bloody part in the world history and that is Hitler , wasn't Hitler elected too ?
He was brought to rule over Germany by the boxes (elections) , right ?
What we did in Egypt is that we removed a group of extremists and their anti-coptic racism.

Don't you know that the MB are the ones behind the attacks on the churches in Egypt?
Don't you know that untill the rise of IS the MB had an ally that kept launching terrorist attacks in Sinai and other places in Egypt ? That group is named (ansar bait al maqdis) or you might know them by their current name (Sinai province - a part of IS).

Don't you know that hammas the terrorist group that controls Gaza (forcibly) are the military wing of the Muslim brotherhood

And one last fact for you to know .

Don't you know that the approximate number of Egyptians that rebelled against morsi and his superiors in Egypt were more than 30 million across 29 governorates in the whole of Egypt

And the military only stepped in after morsi refused to schedule early elections and called the protesters, thugs .

Btw the military didn't seize the power they made the head of the supreme court (highest jurisdiction in Egypt) acting president
Saif Hazem