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Exploit of Society in Religious Interest

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5/22/2015 5:12:53 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Establishment; of Society was Cemented on Head of State, Political Principles of Great Empires in Royal Arms and not Spiritual Foundations as Infrastructures, in Community Support.

Queensland is a State of Australia, One of Many States around the World, Compromised in Exploit of Godbot Nests.

This in Action of Deceit to Victimize Innocents was Duplicated, via Religious Production and or TV (Ministries).

These Actions in Duplication will Kill People, People that are Not Already, in Loss of Life to Godbotic Behaviors of Religion (Un-Aware in Prey).

This in Program's and or Idea's, have an Aim to Deprive with a Notion, Resulting in Suppression and Regression of Mind.

What is Learnt, is Reinforced Repetitively via Composition of Fear.

Toby; was an 8 Yr Old Boy, that was Suffocated at the Hands of a Priest, during an Exorcism (Parental Authorized).

The Parent was a Dedicated and Loyal, a Fellowship Follower, and One that was Confidant in Godbot Practices to Reinforce Behavior.

He was Sacrificed like Many Others, a Lamb to the Idea, in Sale of Produced Information.

This is an Old Idea, Modernized in Tactical Deceit for Allegiance and Confusion in One, Sold to Followers (Easy Prey).

GodBotic Behaviors; are Demonstrated in Affairs like the Above Scenario, sometimes Start with Quotes, said "People need to learn!" and "We must Teach these People a Lesson!" and "There is a Need for More, Exorcisms!".

Ideas; Corrupted and Gone Astray for No, Other Reason more than Beneficial Gain, are Ideas that were Created and Invested, via Lateral Thinkers.

As the Lateral Thinkers, We would Pull the Plug on the Idea, via Legitimate and Legal Means.

Inverted in the Above, in Prospectus of Legal Challenge is Attempt Made to Scared Off, via Use of Veto, or Threat of Harm in Torture of Eternal Hell.

Businesses; look at New Campaigns as Artificial Ideas, such to Boost Marketing in Business, and via Creation of Promotional, Up-Selling.

Artificial Ideas; can be Old Ideas, such Re-created in New Formats, and or Used in Design.

One to Understand what is Artificial Information in Idea. I Quote "To current Date, the Idea has not Produced, One Bit of Tangible Evidence to Affirm, Existence."

Idea's in Marketing, will Generally be Sold in Relevance with Quotation, and or Reference Made (God Said or Praise Jesus).

The Concept of Sale; can Comprise of One or More Idea's, and to be Rolled Out in Singular or Multiple Composition, Form and or Format.

What this Means? Is that One Idea can be Utilized, in a Verity of Angles to Promote and or Sell, a Service.

However, Products Promoted on the Idea, that Physically Hurting and or Mentally Harming Others, is Beneficial to either Business Practice, and or Allegiance in Support is in Actual, a Criminal Act.

This is a Crime against the Nature of Man.

In Example: Promoting the Idea that Exorcism or Deliverance is in Need, and Recruiting to Aid, such in Knowledge of Practice to Physical and or Mental Harm, is Just That.

Wolf's; are in General Sale of Lateral Thinker, Information Products in Service, and are the Businessman to Guidance of Sheep, Comparable in Clothing.

They are Smooth Operator's in Exploit of Deceit, and are Adapted in Business Interest of Beneficial Gain in Gimmicks or Trends, and are The Easiest Way to Legitimately Defraud.

Hype, is One of the Greatest Sells in Business History, such in Promise and or Motivation and also Renewable in Business (Generation).

These Ideas can Look and Feel Good, to the Eye and Ear (Positives).

We have Used, Hype in Business Gimmicks to Trend a Promotional Idea and or Politics in Production, to Convince the Greater Populous. To take an Interest in Support and or Action.

This can be Built with Positive and or Negative Hype, via Bouncing the Idea in Notion of a Need, or a Want, or is Overdue.

Far to Many have Fallen to Modern, Smooth Operators', in Practices of Leadership and or Training in Recruitment of an Idea. That it is OK and Forgiven.

Godbotic Groups; Generally surround the Localities of a Target, and to Victimize the Individual, such Day and Night on the Idea of Sale.

The Youth; are Prey to this Idea and others in Concept, However bought in Mind.

Other Prey; are of All Ages and are Vulnerable to Weaknesses, such as Social Inadequacy, Emotional Distrust, and or the Lost in Need of Support Grouping. Zebra's, Vulnerable to Lions at Crossroads.

However, the Lion to is Vulnerable to the Panther and the Snake (Stealth Operators).

This Leads Us, to Functional Practices in our Communities, Governed and Gone Astray.

One; can Reflect on Thought to Requests made to Public Servants and or Divisions in Aid of Assistance and Nothing Came, About.

This in Summary of Reason, is Political Agenda in Practice, that Divisions are to Operate under Religion, rather than Political Practices of Law.

This means, One that is Positioned in Finance and or Locality, that is Seen as a Lesser Contribution to Society and not Receive, the Equality in Service to Others.

In addition, One not Fitting in Religion within Society may be Targeted, and Victimize in Profiling and or Sanctions, in Protection of Interests, rather than Legal Statute.

No-Wonder; Queensland in State Comparison around the World, have Pressed on the Idea of Independence.

I Quote "A Nation in Kingdom of Law is One of Exploit Deceit, that Operates in Idea and without Existence."

BJ Hutton
Universal Subject Matter