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Airlines equipped with emergency parachutes

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6/3/2015 9:22:25 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I've brought up this topic many times with family and friends. Why don't airlines provide emergency parachutes for the crew and passengers? You will never have to worry about yours or anyone else's life when sh!t hits the fan (sometimes literally, haha except not funny!).

Common arguments i've heard:
* it wouldn't work in a chaotic setting when the plane's gone awry.
* You'd have to know how to use a parachute
* There's no space for hundreds of parachutes
* What about children? The elderly?

Still, I think most of these issues can be reconciled simply with a renewal of flight procedures that incorporates parachutes. Chaos is chaos. If there's a new manual/guide and rules that take parachutes into account, the crew would be trained accordingly and guidelines changed in the event of emergencies.
I cannot imagine parachutes being that hard to use. Perhaps a mandatory session or two on parachute application would suffice for the airline. Also, when you're about to die, you may as well strap it on because it's your only hope anyway.

For space, maybe planes can use a floor compartment?

And finally, for the age thing, I will just repeat that, regardless, yours and everyone's life is in mortal danger. Either put the damn thing on or perish.

If an airline can successfully pull this off, they'd probably become the richest airline.