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Observations from the UK elections

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6/15/2015 9:11:01 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
US politicians should take page from UK election handbook and produce a manifesto. Listing the 2 - 5 issues that are important and how they will resolve or improve policies.
The parties that did well in the UK did just that. Define and solution. The Labor Party that made lofty promises and lacked an action plan did poorly. Even if David Cameron fears an election regarding UKs membership in the EU (seen in him approaching the EU for Concessions) the election will take place as promised in his party's Manifesto.

US politicians will say the empty, crowd pleasing, promises. Look at how their verbal vomit changes to coerce votes from rural to urban, south to north, male to female, industrial to agricultural to technical, inland to coastal, etc etc. Without ever discussing the actions they'll take to satisfy their promises.

They receive votes in return of empty promises and receive money in return for actual policy (election donations from companies/industries).

Politicians and Parties should submit a Manifesto to hold them accountable to their constituents.
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