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Prime Minister Abbott Executive Power Despot

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6/16/2015 5:03:22 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Removes Water to Force Indigenous Peoples from their Land

Centrelink and Remote Employment Service Falsified Breaching

Uses Welfare via Falsified Breaches to Silence Criticism.
Prime Minister Tony Abbots Letter removes right to challenge illegal acts

Australian Centrelinks Secret Breaching Triggered Death Toll
On May 10th 2010, a senior Centrelink official admitted the obvious, i.e. that Centrelink had never reported breaching triggered fatalities. 3 weeks later, the Employment Minister denied that post breaching terminal outcomes had ever occurred.
I have 2 suppression orders issued by 2 Senate committees that bar me from distributing documents about these deaths, including the refusal of the Federal Police to investigate these deaths.
Since deaths occurred in event state and territory, the federal Police should have investigated in their own 'backyard', the ACT, but they have refused to do so and their letter is now confidential.
Since I cannot copy and distribute copies of that letter, I am simply showing it, and other documents, in this video.(I do not think that YouTube was so well known or so accessible when the 1st suppression order was issued in November 2005.)
Breaching legislation is inconsistent with the constitution; Paragraph 75 of the constitution is quite clear that breach of contract is a matter for the High Court, not Centrelink, to determine if a breach has occurred.
Para' 51 (xxiia) of the constitution requires the gov't to pay benefits to those who need it.
On 8th May 2013 a welfare recipient who had been prosecuted by Centrelink fought back and the high Court tossed out legislation that had no means.
Some 15,000 prosecutions dating back to 2000 are now legally invalid.
This means that by not paying them, welfare recipients will one day SUE and at the moment the legal liability is about $1 Trillion for the 'Breached Generation".