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Aussie Gov Contractual Failure Causing Harm

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6/18/2015 9:53:51 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
In Australia we have Centrelink which Government uses for political purpose to silence criticism.

See YouTube Video "Centrelinks Secret Breaching Triggered Death Toll" No more deaths for politics.

Government should not allow Centrelink Agents, Police and NSW Health to carry out Malice acts against Citizens for Complaints.

I have had a complaint regarding Centrelink and Menindee Contracted Centrelink Agent since December 2010. This complaint has never been resolved and the Ombudsman Determination has discriminated against me in the use of the Menindee Centrelink Agency since.

This discrimination continued through Murdi Paaki (Remote Jobs and Communities Program) under the Portfolio of Tony Abbott (Prime Minister and Cabinet) and resulted in me having no choice other than to estrange Centerlink and Murdi Paaki in July 2014 in order to prevent further Malice Revenge, illegalities and falsified breaching causing harm.

Falsified Breaching:

--- --- ---

Prime Minister Tony Abbott (Despot with Executive Power)

In July 2014 Tony Abbott (PM&C) formally advised in writing they will not accept further contact and all further correspondence will be filled without acknowledgment.
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My experience is detailed in this website page and linked (Publishing Site) Documents Below.
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I am calling on the Australian Public to demand our human and legal rights.
Join Centrelink Law Reform Australia Group

The Members of this Group believe that Private Companies, Government Contracted Companies should be stopped from scamming for illegally obtained Commonwealth monies above human life!