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Druze of Syria - Choosing Political Sides.

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6/28/2015 2:39:28 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
What side should the Druze of Syria choose in the current Syrian crisis, if any?

Things to take into consideration:

1- Bashar Al Assad is losing lands to Nusrah and others.

2- Nusrah geographically surrounds almost all the Druze of Syria.

3- Nusrah belongs to Al Qaeda.

4- Nusrah considers the Druze to be Infidels.

5- Nusrah so far has been decent with the Druze. The two massacres that have happened were said to be personal conflicts, and Nusrah apologized for the recent one.

6- Bashar Al Assad would really benefit if they allied with him after all his failures, given that the Druze are keeping about 30,000 young men from joining his army.

7- Druze have many religious men who were never submitted to the army because of being religious, meaning they have no army experience and yet resemble a large portion of the Druze men in Syria.

What are your thoughts?