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Social Security Agents Personal Vendettas

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7/5/2015 12:38:21 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Key to Australian Descriptions: In Australia Centrelink is the Government Agency that handles pensions and unemployment support.

We have Centrelink Agencies for people in remote Australia.

We have Contract Employment Services paid by Government like the US "Maximus" one of which is "Murdi Paaki" dealing with Communities of high indigenous population.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a Despot and controls the Aboriginal Employment Service by making it his portfolio under Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Tony Abbott's Government has cut the water supply from remote Aboriginal Communities to force them from their land so Mining Companies can move in.

SEE: AU Governments Remove Water to Force Indigenous Peoples from their Land


I live in a small town where you can be hated by many people without being a bad person.

Many people in small towns have no interest in admitting or disclosing corruption.
It tarnishes there town and risks retaliation, so the moto is "Don"t make waves".

I don"t see it that way and have been politically active on important local and federal issues.

Problems first began 1999 after documenting corrupted and inhuman treatment of Cotton Chippers.
Police, NSW Health & Safety, Centrelink and immigration departments raided the farm.

I was blacklisted which made it impossible to get work in the area.
Centrelink employees were using this against me in protection of Unions and Local involvement.

In an attempt to defend myself I provided a document of events to Centrelink, placed "On My File".


We have a remote Centrelink Agency inside a Shire Council Building.
The Centrelink Agent is also an Employee of the Shire.

When first employed to run the shire building before Centrelink Agent role, this person and husband would close up early and visit friends if no one was around, even though it"s a Government Building.

This employee is loved by Government Department Employees as a work place psychopath who divulges private and personal information about locals far beyond role and duty of ethical standards.

Centrelink Experience

One day in the Shire/Centrelink Agency Building the husband of Agent came in yelling violently that they were looking up early and I had to go. I asked the man to calm down which made him worse.

Then about a week later the Agents Husband came in at 4.45 PM with a folding steel sign from front of building and thrust it at me whilst I was seated in the Agency.

I made a complaint to Police which was ignored.
I contacted Centrelink asking to use public phone to avoid violence in Agency which they refused.

I was later forced to use the Agency for an appointment, the Agent Falsified a noncompliance breach claiming I did not attend the meeting for which I was present.

In fact I was present for 2 appointments, both of which Centrelink failed to keep before false breach.


I made a complaint to the Ombudsman and rather then remove the Agent from position they punished me with determination that I did not have to attend the Centrelink Agency.

Moving forward to 2013, the new Employment program for Aboriginal communities was rolled out in my town.

Called "Remote Jobs and Communities Program" under the Portfolio of "Prime Minister & Cabinet" only in a few remote areas with high indigenous population.

The "RJCP" employment Service under "PMC" ignored the letter from Department of Employment and determination by Ombudsman".

Murdi Paaki Employment Service Persecute to cover corruption

The Employment Service "Murdi Paaki" made multiple appointments in the Agency of which I had waver of use by Government as a result of Assault Complaint.

Murdi Paaki done this to defend the Agent and her husband involved with persecuting me.

Legal Rights and Justice

I estranged Centrelink and Murdi Paaki and have had no Services since July 2014.
My Electricity was disconnected by NSW Government owned Essential Energy.

The Government can not be allowed to force Malice Harm as a Prerequisite to lawful Basic Services.

Government has to address Employees and Contractors using position of power for personal vendettas.

I have had No Services or Income Support since August 2014.
Government is now trying to force me onto a Disability Support Pension to cover-up corruption.

I am demanding legal representation to prosecute the Government for Negligence.



Join Centrelink Law Reform Australia via Link Below