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OPM breach - US/China relationship effects

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7/9/2015 11:24:39 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The reported number of Social Security numbers stolen has been increased to 21.5 million, up from the estimate of 14 million. This number itself should point OPM director Katherine Archuleta to the door.

Another thing I find rather problematic are those who say the Chinese government is responsible for the hack. Until the information is fully reviewed by multiple security agencies, as well as the Obama administration and Congress, it does no good for people in government to call out China for the attack before an absolute consensus is reached on that point.

I have trouble believing it to be China, too. If such an attack was found to be orchestrated by them, it could be of great detriment to their economic success and foreign relations. So to push such an accusation could very well strain the relationship further, which would prove especially counter-intuitive if they were not behind the breach.

From my view, the government should stay quiet in investigations. When they come to a complete consensus on who did the attack was, that is the only time they should publicly accuse people and/or governments.
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