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A me55age 2 aMerican who don't liek Rossiya

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7/17/2015 8:49:14 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
(Imagine this being read in a thick Russian accent)

Americans. Look at your President's net worth:

It is of only measly 7 million dollar. You know how 7 million of American currency is in glorious Ruski currency? Only 3 million!

Now Obama is so poor, only 3 million ruble.

Now look at net worth of comrade Putin:

70 billion dollars! Rossiya's dear leader is of much rich. But he gr0w poor. But n0w he's rich. Americans, Moskyava is of much wealthy thAnks to much riches from Putin

Now let's look at United States GDP:

16.77 USD. How do you distribute meager 16 dollar to population of 300 million?

Now look at glorious Rossiyskaya Federatsiya's GDP:

2,097 Trillion dollars!!!! You know how much that is in great ruble currency?

119,42 trillion Ruble!!!!!! Rossiyaskaya is of destined for greatness! We are of next superpower bcuz we are so str0nk!!!!!!!

Suck it Kitay scrubl0rdz!!

Mother Rossiyaskaya is on it's way to glory!

Putin has given our Rodina much glorious Svoboda!

That is all.
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