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Universities Racially Discriminating

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7/26/2015 9:45:30 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
"The best work on this subject was carried out in 2004 by the Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade. Espenshade's study utilized data on 124,374 applicants to 10 of the most selective universities in the whole country. He found that if you control for differences in SAT scores, whether or not applicants had alumni in their family, and whether or not they were involved in college athletics, black applicants were 5.2 times more likely than white applicants to be admitted. Hispanics were 3.5 more likely than white students to be admitted and Asians were 0.7 times as likely. Similarly, a recent report from the Association of American Medical Colleges found that if you look at students who apply to American medical schools with MCAT scores of 26-24 (a bad score) and GPAs between 3.2 an 3.39 Blacks were over 7 times more likely than Whites to be admitted while Hispanics were 3.7 times more likely to be admitted. "

Some people would argue that this is justified because whites have been given an academic advantage via racism. I tend to think that this is untrue and that racial differences in educational attainment reflect differences in academic ability which are not strongly related to racism. Given this, I think that the discrimination that Whites and Asian face in university admissions is unjust. What do you all think?