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Are the Danes of Denmark slaves?

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8/10/2015 2:24:28 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Currently Denmark is one of the most socialist nations on earth. At least they cracked the top ten. Shockingly, Denmark has the highest tax rate in the world. In America, we work 4-6 days a month for the government. In Denmark, they work 18-20 days a month for their government.
Denmark is teetering on the cusp of a very large prison system. Because the government doesn't produce anything, and because Welfare doesn't bring wealth, the Danes might find themselves staring the into the hole of a very dark cesspool. When the people try to resist their slavery to their government, it is then that the Danes will find themselves forced to work at the point of a gun.

The only thing protecting the Danes from this very thing happening is their protection of the EU. But as the EU weakens, and the wealth subsides, the government will point guns at their people. They must, or their nation will not survive. The people will no longer work 20 days a month for the government. They will yearn for freedom and to keep the fruits of their labor. So the people at the top who fear the loss of their power will oppress their people. Thugs and malcontents will sign up to be the police force that oppresses the people. In all actuality, the best job to have in a poverty stricken socialist nation is as a police officer. Police thrive in socialist nations. They can steal from the people with impunity. They also have great sex lives. Women will do almost anything they have to do to stay alive. The police know this. They capitalize off of it.

This is where the Danes are heading. Wake up Denmark. Your leaders who you think love you, don't. They are in it for their own power and wealth.