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Chuck Schumer is a traitor

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8/10/2015 4:46:37 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Chuck Schumer voted against Obamacare. He does not think Americans deserve healthcare. Now he votes against the Iran nuclear deal because it is not good for Israel. He supports the prime minister of Israel and the security of Israel by going against his own pledge to serve America first.
He bought the argument peddled by PM Netanyahu that Israel who has a 100 nuclear bombs is threatened by Iran who has none and is willing to scuttle a nuclear peace deal that is supported by the international community and has the approval of the President, Secretary of State and all the national security team.
Notwithstanding Chuck Schumer is a Jew and should be mindful anti-semitism is an counter opposition to blind Jewish nationalism. And his misplaced loyalties should cast doubts on his patriotism. He should be impeached and labeled a traitor.