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D Trump, an option outside the norm

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8/20/2015 7:50:07 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
While I can't completely agree with everything the man says, it is refreshing to see a "non-Washington" insider running for the highest office. It seems like almost every election cycle, we get to choose from people who have been "insiders" for way too long. Trump isn't tied down to special interests, or lobbyists, he has his own money (at least from what I've read). How many times has your candidate (from either party) made promises, and had to compromise due to "favors" owed because someone or some group helped get them elected. I honestly believe the Donald could improve our economic situation in the US. I guess it's just different to see a candidate not pander to the usual groups, and although I find the Donald very brash, he does seem to make a lot of valid points. Yes, some of his ideas are crazy, I'm just saying, it's nice to see something outside the "norm" when it comes to our choices.