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Who is this man Donald Trump ...

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8/22/2015 10:52:54 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
AUGUST 22ND 2015 On posted under FORUM ... Under Politics by Lookinattheissues
Who is this man "Trump." There have been several articles posted on the internet lately that suggest that Donald Trump isn't who he is portraying himself to be, as real conservative republican. In a REDSTATE ARTICLE for instance the author of the article states,"The Bible says not to put new Christians in leadership positions. I don"t think the conservative movement should put new conservatives in leadership positions either. Let them be sure what they believe first." In the same article its stated that Donald Trump has been a contributor to the democrat party and organizations that conservatives were against so that certainly raises the question about who Donald trump really is
Some have suggested that Donald trump is a spoiler taking away votes that could have gone to another republican candidate running for president who is a more well known conservative thereby ruining the republicans chances of winning the White House. Donald Trump covers himself by saying that he was a businessman and as such, he gave money to a lot of different causes and people, that was the way business was done.
Isn't the reason that Donald Trump is gaining so much support is because the conservatives and republicans in general are becoming fed up with the way the "Good old boys, "/ Establishment republicans, and establishment democrats, have been doing business as usual in Washington. Maybe though the Conservative republicans think that those who have been elected to office weren't listening to conservatives and independents and haven't been for a long time and are now willing to take a chance that Donald Trump will listen to them and will promote the things that conservatives believed in. Betting on Donald Trump to be the conservatives and independents friend is a gamble, only time will tell whether the gamble paided off,if Donald trump actually believed in what he said that he believed in. Donald Trump is saying what conservatives and independents wanted to hear, but is it a businessman just doing business and saying what he thinks will sell, again, only time will provide the answer, we can only hope that Donald Trump doesn't turn out to be a spoiler and allow Hillary or some other democrat to be elected to office. The conservative and independents are tired of being lied to , we can only hope that Donald Trump isn't just mouthing the words that the conservatives and independents wanted to hear and actually meant what he's been saying