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Abortion: the Heart of the Matter?

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8/30/2015 9:47:41 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Amid the recent Planned Parenthood scandal, people are looking afresh at many things dealing with the issue of abortion as a whole. I think it"s the perfect time talk about it, and bring about some sort of necessary reform.
Immediately we have to discuss cases of saving a mother's life and rape. It's not enough to say, "Well, those are only a very rare percentage." That still doesn't give an answer. They do happen, so what do we do about those cases? As for saving a woman"s life, it does not automatically mean there needs to be an expressed intent to kill the child in order to do so, but it"s understandable if that is an unfortunate unavoidable scenario. That one"s quite easy. But as for rape, I"m really trying these days to not just give an answer based on an ideal but actually put myself in the shoes of a rape victim. And so I"ve realized I really just could not tell a woman she HAS to bear a whole 9-months of pregnancy from her rapist. It"s great that there are those who do it, but I cannot judge when one can"t.
But here"s the thing I think everyone can grasp: It doesn't take any thought to see that there is something wrong when presented with certain pictures. All you gotta do is do a Google image search for "abortion photos", and most of them it"s clear that they are dead babies, far more than just "tissue". It"s as obvious as seeing the pictures of the Nazi holocaust of the Jews and coming to the same no-brainer conclusion: No matter what terms people use, our conscience tells us that what we are seeing is wrong. Somehow, we"ve got to stop this. So, what"s the answer?
I"ll admit I don"t actually see that the Bible outright says that one becomes a living soul the moment of conception. The Biblical viewpoint does however insist it be long before a later term of the pregnancy; For John the Baptist around 6 months gestation was "filled with the Holy Spirit" in Elizabeth"s womb and "leaped" when in the presence of Mary impregnated with Jesus (clearly a characteristic of personhood and emotion). As for the first man, Adam, he was formed, and then became a living soul when God breathed into him the breath of life. When the breath of life entered him, no doubt it was at that point his heart would have begun to beat and blood flow; I"m sure it would have been the same with Eve. But for everyone else, blood begins to flow as a result of a beating heart about 21 days after conception (the first heartbeat about 18 days). Passages in the Bible also mention the life being in the blood. So, I believe it"s a valid theory that after conception, as the human vessel is being formed, it perhaps isn"t until the heart begins pumping blood that one actually becomes a living soul. I think it"s interesting too that soon after this the pregnancy begins to look like a person (in my opinion). Things to consider.
Here's where I think we can begin to change this thing: A woman could have the right to choose not to continue a pregnancy before a heartbeat is detected, in which shortly thereafter the newly developed beating heart that pumps blood then identifies a separate and distinct individual's life from her own, and in which all efforts must be exhausted by then and thereafter to protect both the mom"s and the child's right to life. However, any abortion after the detectable heartbeat limit that is unavoidable in order to save the mother"s life would be a logical exception.
Just please remember though as you think about these things, again, when you see a picture of what people call an "aborted fetus", way further along than 18 days, but your mind tells you it"s a dead baby, doesn"t something need to give? If we truly are going to progress into the future, this neo-barbaric practice we"re seeing these days cannot be a part of it. Inhumane is not even the word. We need to get rid of this present horror. And it has to start somewhere.

(current thoughts from Dan)