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Proposal to Stifle Federal Corruption

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9/2/2015 5:26:32 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Bar all officials (for life) ever elected to a federal office from participating in any future federal legislative or executive functions every 12 to 24 years, even if they have only been elected once by the beginning of the next "clean slate" period.

Each newly-elected government always has people who have been re-elected. Experienced people typically serve as mentors to new people, and thus any corruption present in the culture of government not only evolves and adapts over time, but is sustained indefinitely. By wiping the slate clean every so often, any corruption that manifests does not have a chance develop.

This system would allow:
-3 to 6 presidential and senate terms
-6 to 12 representative terms

I further believe this would stifle the influence of lobbyists; pouring time and resources into a politician who won't be around next election is risky, and new politicians who have not been drawn into a "game" are an uncertain prospect.

No new idea is perfect, but I would like to see what everyone's thoughts are on this strategy and whether or not it has any merit.