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Which candidates policies will help America?

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9/9/2015 4:02:04 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Over the past few election cycles, it seems to me that neither party is winning by a landslide, so I view that as the American public is pretty evenly split on who should be running the country. The margins seem to fall between 40-60% for one party, and 60-40% for the other (I don't recall any states where one candidate ran away with 60-70% of the vote). Who has the best policies, that will help reduce the deficit, increase jobs in America, bolster the economy, and help middle class people like myself. IMO, the government is spending way too much money, and cuts need to be made.

The problem to me is that in order to get elected nowadays, politicians have to cater to so many special interest groups to get funding to run for office, that they end up compromising way too much, "because they owe somebody". With Americans pretty evenly split on most major issues, how do we elect someone who is going to get our finances in order, keep us safe (from a military viewpoint), and help keep Americans in good jobs. Are we so far in debt, that there's no way out, I think someone is going to have to make some tough choices, and pull in the reins on spending, if we're going to ever get out of the red.

Which candidate can best achieve this?