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9/17/2015 2:45:53 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I watched the debate with an open mind, as I wanted to try to narrow down who I might vote for. First, IMO, the moderator did a good job of directing and steering the debate. I think he left room for people to comment when needed, and moved on to other questions, even though some of the candidates tried to keep responding. For me, I got a lot of content to review, and for 11 people at once, I just believe CNN did a good job with the show.

I think Rand and Huckabee will drop out next. Walker will probably be gone soon as well, and Christie. If Trump doesn't last, it'll be interesting to see where his votes go, as I don't think he had a great showing, but also not horrible. Trump knows business, and should probably stick to that. Fiorina I think will move up somewhat, but damn, she just seems mad, bitter, and angry...I think she smiled once the whole debate. I will say that I was impressed with her performance, as she plainly laid out her solutions. Bush was Bush, I think he showed for his base, but nothing memorable to me that has widespread appeal, while Cruz talked like a robotic politician, and Rubio was just okay. Carson seemed too laid back, for Kasich I liked his demeanor, and he seemed to stay above the fray, his stock might go up.

There's still too many choices, and it's still really early. It was good too watch, become more informed on the candidates, and I think it'll help narrow down people's choices. It'll be good to watch the Democratic debates later, to see what ideas they have to offer, and help to further narrow down my own choice (undecided now, as it's too early). I just didn't think for a 3 hour show, with so many people involved, that it would come off as well as it did.