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I said I would post something of worth

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10/3/2015 2:29:43 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
One might imagine many things of this world. For instance, one might imagine that there is some benevolent overseer out there, looking after them. And how fortuitous that one should be with such imaginings. No need for guns then, let them to the armies, to the state; for these are the instruments of God. Of course, that"s all just a certain insanity.

Or one might be of more sinister imaginations. Without love or companionship, for instance, what horrible shapes might the world take? And throw in mockery, castigation and scorn to boot: why, one might find themselves surrounded only by hyenas, a torturous cacophony sounding around them, at any minute to swallow them up.

Why do people commit such atrocious acts as are mass shootings, then? Are these but pathetic acts in a bid to become infamous? Or has the dog been backed into a corner? " Let yourself to that second consideration a moment. Can you imagine the insanity some people face each and every single day, which is spared on you only by fortuity of circumstance? In earnest, it would almost be a crime to steal from these people their escape. Life in an intolerable prison, or swift death? I have seen this question arise on here - this is that question in its fullest.

Germany is to take in almost 1 million refugees. We ask are the Germans moral exemplars, but behind that question we see concentration camps. Truly, there"s something very frightening in this recent turn of events. What has compelled the German people so? We will say they"re trying to make up for past wrongs. Should we allow them take these vulnerable people? A silly question, perhaps, but one fraught with frightening imagery nonetheless. Watch as nations " their histories, their presents, their futures " define their citizenry. Define us all, in fact.

I am no proponent of guns. It is, in my opinion, an illness that the mind should ever wander towards their need. But we are ill, and there is no two ways about that. What would you propose; that we surrender our guns to the state? And what of Nazi Germany? Have we forgotten about that? What of North Korea? Are we immune? By what means? Ah " God. For this is all some factory, and America is God"s Greatest Achievement. Of worth, eh? What nonsense. It is this pure insanity by which Hitler rose to prominence.

Gun control might better facilitate turning a blind eye to the poor souls driven to such madness as are those who perpetrate mass shootings. As with the Caucasian homeless, they might bother us with their disturbing utterances (that they should ask us for money!), and in just seeing them also; but they will not, at least, create for us such nightmares as those of which we are now speaking; they will never be threatening, and so we may go on with our delusions, our sweet daydreams. What nonsense. And that anyone should take it seriously for even one second. What a mix of moral insanity and blind delusion! Have we forgotten North Korea again? Gun control is nowhere near the answer. Gun control is of that small mind that sees only its own plight, and then the state as some benevolent arbiter.
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: That's not racism. Thats economics.