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How to win an argument against a racist.

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10/4/2015 5:44:03 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
This would be the best way to argue with someone who's mistreating you:

Rather than saying "You did ____ because you're racist," say "Hey, you did this to me!" or "Why did you do that to me?" Don't speculate on the cause, because you're not psychic, you don't know, and there's already a conflict going on, don't complicate it. You want them to know you are equal as a person, leave race out of it, and bring humanity into it. "Why would YOU treat ME that way?" That statement puts the two on equal status as people with no class distinctions.
"Why didn't you consider me? Because I'm insert identity here?" That statement puts you on unequal terms, and YOU are insisting that there be a "you're up here and I'm down here" component to the argument. Whether or not they are racist, they'll have to start thinking of the two of you as equally human, and answer you on that level.
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