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Make peace with Russia

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10/16/2015 11:48:21 AM
Posted: 2 years ago

This is turning into an idiotic "my penis is bigger" contest (that both sides are guilty of). Seriously.

Gorbachev agreed to end the war IF NATO was not allowed to expand to Poland. Less than a decade after, they expand to Poland.

This is an agressive move towards Russia: a breach of their word and downright threatening.

I don't condone invading Ukraine and Georgia, but look at it from the Russians perspective.

Cameron, Obama and Hollande are evil men. You can't argue "oh no they aren't", they are. They're all liars, backstabbers. Now, Putin is too, but right now, if no one on Earth had nuclear bombs, Russia vs NATO and the US would be over quite quickly with Russia being destroyed.

Can we really blame Putin, after this humiliation and the constant threat to his country, to try and expand and get richer and more powerful?

Obama allows paedophilia in Afghanistan, and lied about taking troops out of there. He has innocent hospitals bombed.

It's rather funny. If I bombed a hospital, I'd serve life in prison or a death penalty.
Obama does it, and he just says sorry quickly on TV and gets away with it.

I think the people who bombed that hospital, everyone directly involved, should be tried as war criminals. So should everyone who participated in the Gulf and Libyan War and especially the killers of Hussein and Gadhaffi.