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Which type of voting system is most effective

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10/23/2015 9:41:05 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Their are many types of voting systems around the world. Each democratic country has its own system. I am from the UK and we use first past the post in the majority of elections including the most important election in our country called the general election which appoints members of parliament based on which candidates pick up the most votes in constituency areas. Generally this system means it is often only possible for candidates of major parties to win seats. I would personally advocate a proportional representation system that would allow people to vote for what they believe in and not vote tactically for the least bad of The 2 mainstream parties. Proportional representation would allow a more fluid system where parties can gain and lose popularity more quickly and voters views can be more accurately represented. To avoid problems with a hung parliament I would give the winning party a bonus of seats to help them get a stable government. This would be a set amount and would not guarentee a majority but would reward a clear winner of an election with a majority.