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Thomas Sowell on the fallacies of racism

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10/30/2015 7:04:17 PM
Posted: 2 years ago

Some few things to add for the sake of conversation
1. Why is there a schism in political and social ideology between the academic and/or affluent African Americans and the rest of the African Americans? In an effort to be more explicit, why is it that blacks in America tend to possess a conservative nature? Or, am I wrong here?
2. Is Mr. Sowell right in his understanding of the connection (or lack thereof) between slavery and racism?
3. Racism vs. Discrimination: cannot racism in a free market continue to influence employment prospects for those who are "mentally discriminated" (aka bear racist thoughts) against? Or, is Sowell right in implying that incentive will overrun discrimination even in the face of racism? I definitely think Sowell is wrong here.
4. Peter Robinson's mind explodes when he hears Sowell's responses. It's hilarious rofl

Mr. Sowell is obviously a well known intellectual among those in academia, yet he has barely any public recognition. Nobody I know knows who he is, and I only found out about him (a year or two ago) because I was searching these kinds of topics on youtube. What do you guys think of him as an intellectual and as a person, if anybody here knows him?

I really want to post this video on facebook because I think he makes very credible points, if not at least interesting ones. Unfortunately, i'm scared of a PC backlash lol. Waht do i do, DDO!?