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Immigration is dangerous for Europe.

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11/11/2015 2:30:22 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
. While most of the migrants have been peaceful, many were caught on camera assaulting Europeans. In one case they shouted "alauhu akbar f you" Also an eyewitness at the Italy-Austrian border she saw an elderly Italian woman grabbed by her hair and pulled from her car by a group of "aggressive young men" who wanted to steal the car to get to Germany, while others threw excrement at bystanders. Other compilation videos show African migrants tearing down traffic lights, eating people up and attacking stores. Migrants were also caught on camera throwing rocks at Hungarians Another video shows migrants in Macedonia refusing to take water from Red Cross workers. Another video migrants at a train station in Hungary throwing bottled water onto train tracks that was being handed out by police. Another video shows migrants robbing a Hungarian man who was attempting to equally distribute donated gifts In a Danish refugee camp near Copenhagen an arab man stabbed a police officer In the town of Kassel-Calden, near Frankfurt, Germany, groups of Pakistani and Albanian migrants attacked each other."Between 60 and 70 people were involved. They attacked each other with clubs and threw things at each other," a police spokesman reported, according to the Independent. At an asylum center near Leipzig 200 Syrian and Afghan migrants attacked each other with table legs, bed frames and sticks after an argument over use of a bathroom. German police union official, Rainer Wendt, said violence between groups of illegal migrants in German hostels is common "We"ve been seeing this violence for weeks and even months," Wendt said . "Groups join forces based on ethnicity, religion or clan structures and attack each other with knives and even weapons they have made themselves." "Sunnis fight Shiites, there are Salafists of varying kinds" Women are being forced to wear veils. Men are forced to pray. Islamists want to impose their values." German police in Hemer reported that an Algerian Muslim had attacked an Eritrean Christian and his pregnant wife with a bottle. The pregnant woman was hospitalized
In a refugee area in Suhl, Germany, an Afghan man who had torn pages from a Koran was attack by a Syrian mob. The riot resulted in , 17 people being injured, including six police officera and members of the press. The mob ransacked the refugee center office and, the following day, smashed car windows and vandalized property. On the Greek Island of Lesbos , a group of 200 illegal immigrants attacked police and threw stones after they were not allowed to board a ferry to the mainland.
1. A nineteen year-old girl at Magdeburg University was gang raped by migrants. In Ellwangen, Germany migrants have been defecating on peoples gardens, walking into stores and taking stuff, rioting during the town church service, sexually harassing young girls, and even attempting to rape women.
A girl in Kent says she was gang raped by Syrian migrants a female no borders activist was raped in a shower by Sudanese migrants. This incident is not nearly as bad as the one that happened in Germany a couple weeks before where a 7 year old German white girl was raped by a north African migrant in a park
and tats just the recent crime committed by migrants in Europe recent crime done by migrants in Europe. 2012 figures show that Somalis were sentenced for crimes, including innumerable sexual assaults, almost ten times more often than those with Danish citizenship. More than half of all convicted rapists in Denmark have an immigrant background, according to official statistics, despite the fact that immigrants and their descendants account for less than 10 per cent of the populationSince it opened its doors in the mid 1970"s Sweden has become the rape capital of the west, with only the African nation of Lesotho recording more sexual assaults.Rapes in Sweden has risen by 1,472% since the mid-70"s, with 6,620 sexual assaults being reported to police in 2014 compared to just 421 in 1975. Last year, Swedish police also released a list of 55 "no go zones," mostly Muslim ghettos, where law enforcement and ambulance workers are at risk of violent attack. In 2013, Stockholm saw a wave of violent riots by mostly immigrant youth.
Recently an investigation by Swedish newspaper Dala demokraten found that arab migrants are being promised "fre blonde Swedish girls" and tax payer funded luxury treatment if they pay people smugglers to help them reach Scandinavia http:/. In England Muslim gangs have abused white girls in several cities Muslim rape gangs also abused white girls in several cities.,, ttps://
sSince sweden opened its doors to imigrants in the 1970s rape has increased by 1472% and violelkt crime by 300% according to police reports Rapes in Sweden increased 1,472% since the mid-70"s, when they opened their doors to immigrants with 6,620 sexual assaults being reported to police in 2014 compared to 421 in 1975. In that same time frame violent crime increased by 300%. 77.65 of the countries rapists are Asian, Middle Eastern or black even though they are 10% of the population.
Last year, Swedish police also released a list of 55 "no go zones," mostly Muslim ghettos, where police risked violent attack. In Copenhagen 50% of rapists and 100% f those who carried out aggravated assault were of immigrant background even though they are 1% of the population. In Norway, half of all rapes committed in Oslo in 2011 were done by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin, despite the fact that Muslim immigrants only represent 1.5-2 per cent of the population and 100 per cent of aggravated rapes involving physical violence were committed by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin. In England there has been an epidemic of Muslim rape gangs abusing white girls.
Most people belonging to immigrant communities in Europe are not responsible for the levels of crime in those communities. Still do you think making them larger will increase crime?.