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India premier Narendra Modi visits UK

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11/12/2015 2:33:54 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The Indian premier Narendra Modi is making the first official visit by an Indian premier in 10 years to the UK. This is part of the government's push to secure lucrative trade deals with developing countries and follows the recent equally high profile visit by controversial Chinese premier Xi Jinping. Narendra Modi was inplicated in a scandal in 2002 for failing to stop violence against Muslims from Hindu fundamentalists that led to the deaths of over 1000 Indian Muslims while governor of a particular region of India. Mr Modi was controversially cleared of any wrongdoing in 2012 ending a 10 year travel ban that prevented him from entering the UK or the USA. Mr Modi has also been accused by ethnic and religious minorities of promoting Hindu nationalism. Is it right the UK welcomes him with open arms? Personally despite the elements of controversy I think it is right for David Cameron and the conservative government to ignore these concerns due to the massive potential India offers as a trade partner for the UK. Thoughts?